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Who We Are

Riziki Fresh Limited are leading processors, packers and exporters of Fresh Fruits, Vegetable and Flowers. We pride our self in providing quality produce and service to our customers. Current and prospective customers are backbone to our success. Based in Nairobi Kenya, Riziki Fresh provides customer satisfaction, while operating ethical and environmentally approved practices, we guarantee quality assured products.

Food safety, quality standards, high ethical, social and environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction are bases to our success in business.

We are comitted to meet our customer's very diverse expectations and needs.

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Riziki Fresh with a recognized deep experience in the fruit and vegetable industry is specialized in producing and distributing 100% fresh and high quality fruits and vegetables at the  international levels, offering worldwide export services.

Mission, Vision and Values:


The company's mission is to go beyond the customers’ expectations by guaranteeing fresh products at its best quality and competitive prices. The main aim is to offer a high standard of service and personalized attention, timely deliveries and a long-term commitment with the customers.


The Company’s vision is fostered in international growth to promote future commercial relationships and reinforce the present ones. Riziki Fresh Limited’s goal is to become internationally recognized as the leading company in the fruit and vegetable production and distribution field due to the variety and high quality of its products.


The Company’s values ​​support the mission and are the main focus of the entire Group. The values ​​that underpin Riziki Fresh’s corporate principles are: Professionalism Spirit of achievement Confidence Commitment Quality Close relationship Teamwork Environmental commitment Corporate social responsibility