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Welcome to Riziki Fresh TZ

We pride ourselves in our consistency in quality and services

Efficient Logistics Process

Getting our products has never been simpler

Leading Seasonal Exporters

We are the pacesetters in the Kenyan market for vegetable production and export

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Why Customers Love Us

We pride ourselves in our quality and professionalism.

Team Work Comes First

We purpose to build a trust connection between us and clients worldwide. The foundation of these connections is solely based on the successful relationship with our farmers and suppliers.
Our mission is to guide avocado farmers to care more about quality, hence growing their revenues with minimal damages and rejects. We wish to provide smallholder farmers with reliable markets and extension services to maximize returns on investment.

Great Logical Process

Riziki Fresh Ltd with a recognized deep experienced and qualified workforce in the fruit and vegetable industry has seen it specialize in producing and distributing 100% fresh and high-quality fruits and vegetables at the international levels, offering worldwide export services

Customer Service

Communication is the foundation of our lasting relationships. We work hard to ensure all customers and suppliers are heard and to improve their experience.

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